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Espoir was founded in 2005 by a team of industry professionals working with leading global companies specializing in Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and Educational Psychology.

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We are passionate about what we do. We are happy with our creations because our users are satisfied with what they could achieve in real life situations as a result of trusting our products and programs. Your input is the trigger for our innovations.

We realize the criticality of skill-gaps, and its grave consequences. We invested our years to invent lasting solutions that can turn ordinary into extra ordinary. We innovate new methodologies and technologies so that the result makes meaning to millions of lives.

We don’t advertise. We believe, if you are really in need, you would search and find us. We also believe, ultimately, you are responsible for your future. We can sincerely help. Why not meet us on ‘Let’s Meet’ page?

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The tragedy is that most candidates invest 100% of their time learning hard-skills (their area of specialization) and lose out in real life due to their lack soft-skills! Instead of handling high technologies in blue-chip companies, or projects with great social relevance they end up doing mundane jobs and earn peanuts.

Interviewers are customers, looking for the right product so that they can acquire and use it readily. Instead, most candidates appear in front of the interviewer as mere raw material, without any processing, preparations or banding.

As I know none of the Interview Training Programs meet the above requirements. However, there are hundred thousands of ‘experts’ out in the field to train ‘interview skills’. Most of these self-styled ‘trainers’ have not seen the door of a corporate. At least a hundred of them I know have not even passed one job interview in their life!

From my twenty-five years of experience with major companies in strategizing, planning and executing employee selection, and analyzing what went right and what went wrong in the process, I would like inform you,

I see people with enviable educational qualifications miserably fail in their career. Most of them end up doing low-end-jobs with lesser-known companies fifteen to sixteen hours a day. They are so tied to their current jobs so that they can't find ways to apply for another job! They are frustrated and depressed. Above all, they deny their families a good life. This pains me.

Many people ask me, what I have learned after conducting over 5000 interviews? I tell them, “98% of candidates are either ignorant or stupid. They fail to understand the value of job interviews. The truth is that the Internet pumps millions of resumes to each employer organization. One must be fortunate to be called for an interview. That being so, can you take a Job interview lightly?”

His abilities to identify unique strengths, and to recommend right career paths are well known. Professionally his expertise includes Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing, Plastics Engineering, Product Management, Operational Management, Marketing, Quality Systems & Business Excellence.)

(He has conducted over 5000 interviews – Engineers to Senior Management cadre – for over twenty years. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, he was Deputy General Manager – Design at BPL-Sanyo (Now Panasonic), and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Tata Group of India.

Do or Die: The Imperatives of Interview Preparations


Lack of technical knowledge

Rs. 0.04

Communicate poor attitudes. Unpleasant body-language: Facial expressions, gestures, body orientation etc.

Rs. 0.15

Give short, incomplete, and/or vague, uncertain answers to the questions. Unable to convince, reason, or explain ideas logically.

Rs. 0.81

Major reasons for us interviewers to reject a technically qualified person:

Lack of professional knowledge / General knowledge:

Rs. 0.07

Communicate poor attitudes. Unpleasant body-language: Facial expressions, gestures, body orientation etc.

Rs. 0.15

Give short, incomplete, and/or vague, uncertain answers to the questions. Unable to convince, reason, or explain ideas logically.

Rs. 0.78

Major reasons for us interviewers to reject a person with management qualifications:

What Do We Infer from This?


We rarely reject a candidate due to their lack of technical/domain knowledge. Nowadays most candidates we meet possess almost same level of technical / professional knowledge – thanks to an abundance of applicants, and the intelligent software that filters their resumes.


Most candidates fail to convince us exactly why we should hire them. Most of them are not successful in showing the value that they can add to the organization.


Through their responses, most candidates demonstrate that they can't communicate effectively. Therefore, we infer that they can't build inter-personal relationships, they can't work in a team, they can't be presented in front of a customer or client, they can't convince others or influence a decision, they can't argue with dignity, they can't network, they can't represent our company, and they can't be groomed to take higher responsibilities. Therefore we can't see a future for them in our organization.

I'm often amazed at how many people think that answering job interview questions is straightforward and easy. It's

not that easy. Don’t think “just being yourself ” will get you a job.

Let me tell you, it’s not that easy. Tough or unexpected questions can be thrown at you at any stage of the interview

process. Some questions are not even designed to elicit a right or wrong answer, but just to see how you answer them. You won't succeed by “Just being yourself."

You must be ready for every question; the wrong answers can cost you a wonderful job opportunity.

Three Hard Facts About Job Interviews:

Do or Die: ‘Must Haves’ for any Interview Preparation Program.

The skills required to perform a job are not the same skills necessary to perform well in the interview for that job.

The candidates who get selected are the ones who sell themselves better than anyone else, those who are liked better than the others, and prove to be less risk than the others.

Interviewers ask all unexpected, tricky technical questions but select those who speak better English!

Six Hard Facts About Ordinary Job Interview Preparations:

From the very first look, I can realize how unprepared the candidate is. It is a fact, most candidates don’t prepare for a job interview, their preparations are for a university examination! They don’t think from an interviewers’ point of view! They don’t think from a salary-giver’s point of view! They think “someday, from somewhere, somehow a company will appear and will give me some job”. When they are sure of this, why should they take efforts and prepare for an interview?

Most candidates think they can impress interviewer with their domain knowledge. However, we decide about the selection within a minute of your entry into the interview room - well before you get an opportunity to demonstrate your domain knowledge! Most candidates don’t pay attention to their facial expressions, stance, gestures etc.

95% of candidates demonstrate similar level of domain knowledge. Unless you are Bill Gates or Henry Ford, you will be judged based on our strict selection criteria, like adaptability, competence, confidence, creativity, dedication, dependability, easygoing nature, enthusiasm, leadership ability, motivation, problem-solving ability, resourcefulness etc. While spending 100% of the time in rot learning, most candidates forget to learn those important points what we really look for!

Our company is going to bet scarce resources on you, therefore your behaviour should guarantee a return on our investment. You must be able to work effectively with a team. How cleverly you understood the inner meanings of their questions? How quickly you formulated a convincing answer? How articulately you delivered that answer to ensure its highest effectiveness? And, how was your body language during listening, during thinking, during speaking, and soon after you delivered that answer? Most candidates don’t acquire any of these skills as they blindly believe some interview trainers, who don’t have any industry experience.  

We don’t care about your university's syllabus. We know it is outdated and doesn’t match with the current business situations and challenges we face in the market. Therefore, we are going to train you again. We look for your ability to unlearn and learn. Then we look for likeability. You must be likeable - not only to interviewers, for our clients, our other employees, our suppliers and most of our stakeholders. If you don’t get acceptance inside the organization, doubts will be raised about the interview process and the interviewer himself. No interviewer will be interested to fall into that situation.

For us English is not a language, it is your Input and Output device. Your level and quality of English skills is the most important factor in any quality employment. If you don’t demonstrate excellent English skills, sorry, we don’t want to see your certificates. We will ask few simple questions and get rid of you from the interview room. Most candidates don’t even know about their English deficiencies because their friends also suffer from similar deficiencies. They don’t put efforts to improve English skills.

Dependency on the last minute crash courses.  Do you know how to demonstrate qualities like adaptability, competence, confidence, creativity, dedication, dependability, easygoing nature, enthusiasm, leadership ability, motivation, problem-solving ability, resourcefulness etc during personal interactions?  You can’t gain these skills through a mock-interview! It requires continuous practice under able guidance using right tools! You must practice till you mastered the art. Most mock-interviews are just a way for few corrupt trainers to make money. Unless you internalise the skill, you can’t recall it in an interview type setting!

Should Make the Candidate Aware of His/Her Present Level from the Eyes of An Interviewer: Use realistic Interview Simulator. This is an eye-opener and  puts fire in the belly.

Program Should be Customisable. Must respect candidates’ individuality and his level of knowledge. He/She should get learning program customized for them.

Should Develop the Culture of Result Orientation: As managements and leaders of organizations look for results, the candidates should be trained to think and talk in terms of results.

Rapid & Random Spoken English Simulation: To build ability to listen to the questions gracefully, understand the inner meanings, formulate an intelligent answer & deliver it articulately.

Build Ability to Handle HR Questions: Build familiarity with HR questions, and help the candidate to develop his/her unique & convincing answer to prove positive attributes.

Fine-tune Domain knowledge from the Job Interviewing Angle: Unlearning the text-book / University examination answering style, that interviewers hate. Relearning selected practical points.

I read a newspaper about road accidents. It said that ‘100% of those ill-fated drivers knew the location of the brake, function of the brake, how to apply the brake, when to apply the brake. But could not apply the brake.’

This is the case with most job interview candidates. They meet with accidents in the interview room because they can’t respond at the right time. Reason? They don’t internalise the attributes interviewers are looking for!

Ability to Handle the Blend of Technical/HR Questions: Program should provide the opportunity to attend realistic interviews, ie, the blend of HR and the questions from the domain area.

Repeat All Above Points Any Number of Times. Capturing & Recording the Truth. Provide Actionable Feedback : Feedback that could trigger another round of improvement efforts.

An interview preparatory program must meet the following requirements so that the candidates in raw-material form is converted into a finished product, that any interviewers will get attracted to:

However, the corruption and nepotism in soft-skill training industry is the breeding ground for such people to thrive. This lead to two tragedies: Good people never enter to soft-skill training & our future generation fails due to  sub-standard and inadequate training programs.

That is the main reason, we, a group of 52 industry professionals decided to come together. We work with global companies in the field of Engineering, Management, Finance, Technology, Human Resources and Arts. We have interviewed more than 70,000 people in our official capacities as CEOs, COOs, Directors, Project Managers and Technical Heads. We have gone through the whole recruitment cycles - from strategies to new employee orientation - and participated in performance evaluations and decided on promotions, demotions and even employee dismissals.

Espoir Technologies ‘Smart Interview Simulator’ series is the result of our four years of effort. These programs gather all industry-business wisdom we collected over years. Smart Interview Programs meet all the ‘Must Haves’ I have discussed with you in the earlier paragraph.

I personally guarantee that these programs will be an eye-opener for you and will trigger your growth in fast pace and propel you to a much higher orbit that you would not have dreamed otherwise.

Suresh Namboothiri M.Tech MBA

Mentor for the Indian Edition

Espoir Technologies

Suresh Namboothiri, Mentor, Indian Edition


Major Reasons for us interviewers to reject candidates.

Three Hard Facts about Job Interviews.

Six Hard Facts About Ordinary Job Interview Preparations.

‘Must Haves’ for Any Job Interview Preparation Program.

There is a Dire Need