How to Quickly Ingrain Interaction Abilities?

InterviewMax is the only way to build the habit of ‘thinking on your feet’ and ‘responding effectively on the spot’. It deploys latest in learning theories and advanced technologies. You can ensure success in interviews, viva exams, presentations, Group Discussions or wherever personal interactions are extremely crucial.

How is InterviewMax delivered? 1. Programs are conducted at i-M-A-X Finishing Schools and selected educational institutions. 2. You can own Personal (Family & Friends) versions that are available on Amazon.

Same with your interviews. If you don’t develop the mental-physical reflex to ‘handle’ the unexpected twists of Technical and HR questions on-the-spot, you ruin your career and life.

Can you learn car driving by reading books, and watching videos? No! You must practice it on an ‘actual car’ on a ‘busy road’. Because you must develop the ‘mental-physical reflex’ to ‘handle’ situations that can shockingly come up.

Like car driving, interviewing is a psycho-motor skill. Psycho-motor skills can be learned only by ‘doing’. You must engage yourself, ingrain the art and make it a habit. Then, it is available to you at any moment!

The secret is in developing the ability to think on your feet, and to respond on the spot!

Only the knowledge that is INGRAINED will be instantly accessible Whenever and Wherever you need them.