1. Accounting and Finance: Financial Accounting, Financial

statement analysis, Cost accounting, marginal costing, Cost

of capital, Cash management.

2. Indian Capital Market and Financial System: Structure and

constituents of Indian financial system. Industrial

Securities Market. Merchant Bankers and new issue market, etc.

3. Management of Financial Services: Fund based and Fee

based financial services, NBFCs, Leasing and Hire Purchase,

Factoring, Merchant Banking, etc.

5. Working capital management: Theories and approaches, Cash flow forecasting and budgeting. Banking policy.

4. Capital Budgeting and Financial decisions: Innovative modes of financing, Cash flow, Capital Structure decisions, Financial forecasting,

6. Risk management and Insurance: Types of Risks, Methods of handling risks. Insurance Industry. etc.

7. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management: Risk and Return, Security valuation. Fundamental and Technical Analysis, Portfolio selection.etc.

8. International Financial Management: IFM and Domestic financial management, Foreign Exchange Market, International financial market instruments, etc.