1. Hospitality Management:Economic and Other Impacts of Hotel, Tourism, and Travel Industry. The Organization and

Structure, Functional areas. etc.

2. Tourism planning and Marketing:Tourism policy, Levels and Types of Tourism Planning, International agreements, Tourism marketing.

3. Service Marketing:Characteristics of services, Classification of services, Service marketing mix. Process of operations and delivery of services.

5. International tourism management: Challenges, Factors affecting Global & regional tourist movements. international organisations dealing with barriers viz : WTO, IMF, IHA.

4. International Hospitality Law: Legal Principles Governing Hospitality Operations, Laws of Torts and Negligence, Consumer protection laws.

6. Tourism Business Environment:  Domestic and international tourism, recent trends. Organization of both national and international in world in promotion and development WTO, IATA, UPTAA, AI,IATO, etc.

7. Tourism Products: Tourism Product-its salient features

components of Tourism industry. Socio-cultural Resources, national tourist resources.