1. Principles of Management and Organizational Behaviour:

Management-science, theory & practice. Organizing & Controlling.etc.etc.

2. Human Resources Management: Recruitment, Training, Compensation & Industrial Relations.etc.etc.

3. Corporate Communication: Formal communication network, work-team communication, Presentations, Brand promotion. etc. etc.

5. Methodology of Training & Development: Principles of  Training and areas of training. Assessment, methods and evaluation.etc. etc.

4. Human resource planning: Need,job analysis, job description, Performance evaluation. etc. etc.

6. Industrial Relations Management: Trade unions, Industrial disputes, collective bargaining, Strategic management of industrial relations. etc.

7. Compensation Management: Wage & Salary Administration, Planning for improved competitiveness, Incentives and fringe benefits, Social security laws. etc.

8. Performance Management Systems and Strategies: Planning, managing performance and development. Performance Management and Organizational Change. etc.

9. Modern developments in Human Resources Management: Corporate Social Responsibility and ethics. etc.