Candidates of this category know straight answers to the straight questions, and can deliver them in a written examination. That is the reason,

They don’t understand the true meaning of the questions as it is being asked in an interview environment.

They are not able to formulate an answer within a reasonable timeframe (about 5 to 7 seconds)

These candidates are ‘Incompetent On the Spot’. After the interviews, they frustratingly say, “I should have answered like this”, “I did a blender by behaving like that”.

Their Characteristics

Help them go through exactly similar interviews, where they must speak out on the spot.

The candidates must get exposed to the blend of Technical and HR questions and must answer on the spot.

The candidates should be able to use the help of others, whom they have confidence to get authentic feedbacks.

The candidate should be able to seek external (experts unknown to the candidate) help to get the confidence that they have achieved the required level.

How to Save These Candidates from Under-employment and Un-employment?

What Does Interview Simulator & Trainer Do?

It provides infinite number of ‘exactly similar interview’ opportunities with technical and HR questions.

It provides infinite opportunities for training with professional questions, best responses and guide’s advices.

It gives five options for feedback: Auto report, self review, peer review, mentor review and Espoir expert review.

The candidates must be able to review their own answers without anybody teasing or commenting on them.

The Category 2 Candidates: ‘Incompetent On the Spot’

They can’t articulate the answer knowing the spirit of the context: For eg, Flow of ideas, right terminologies, right definitions & examples, grammar, facts & figures and limiting the length of the answer. Then, the tense body language!

They look like ‘answer utterers’.

The candidates should be able to undergo any number of such interviews until he/she reaches the level required by their dream job or the target employment.

It ensures that the candidates can implement the feedback advices and try again (iteration) any number of times.

The Iterative Effect of Interview Simulator & Trainer

Simulator helps to learn the ‘timings’, ‘body language’, ‘usage of right grammar & terminology’, etc etc.