We, the creators of Espoir InterviewMax are neither academicians nor soft-skill trainers. We are professionals working with major global companies in various executive positions. We have a collective experience of conducting over 210,000 interviews in Engineering, Technology & Management.

The InterviewMax Story

We invested eight years of our lives for developing these interview simulators because: There is a grave situation, and the responsible people are only exploiting it, not solving it.

Every day, thousands of well-qualified professionals walk out of job interviews - facing rejections.

Interviewers don’t/can’t trust them because they fail to respond convincingly on the spot. They don’t sound like they ‘actually’ earned their degrees! The focus, energy, & passion crucial for professional survival and success are missing!

The tragedy is that most of them can write the answer on a piece of paper! But, they can’t convincingly speak it on the spot! This single shortcoming ruins the lives of millions of well-qualified people, even forcing many to drugs and suicides. Sometimes the whole family commits suicide!

Realising the crucial nature of the problem & the absence of a reliable solution, our team of 52 professionals decided to step in - to find a sure-fire, result-oriented method that can transform ordinary into extra-ordinary.

This simulator is the result of our eight years of research on ‘What Went Right’ and ‘What Went Wrong’ with about 210,000 candidates we have collectively interviewed.

Interview skills cannot be taught by English lessons, or soft-skill training as it is a psycho-motor skill like car driving. You must have the reflex to handle any eventuality that can shockingly come up. The only way to gain this mastery is to work in similar environments until the skill becomes a habit.

We hope our efforts will help you build the ‘best practices’ a habit. We are sure, it will ensure your success in interviews, viva examinations and in high value interactions.

Interviewing for a job is one of the most crucial and future shaping activities we face in our life. Even then, most people proceed to interview rooms blindly, with little preparation and without much self-knowledge, believing that their certifications and qualifications ensure them their dream job...

Higher Qualifications and Glossier Certifications!

Sounds familiar? Can’t find the job on a Bachelor’s degree –> Go for Masters Degree while incurring more debt –> Expects better jobs with higher qualifications –> Fails to find better jobs with higher qualifications but now can’t afford to take any crappy admin jobs –> Falls into depression and grumbles about life –> Keeps studying for Double Masters & Ph.Ds…!

The Current Reality

Now the story…