The Three Categories of Candidates

Features that Meets All the Skill Ingraining Needs of All Three Categories of Candidates

Unique Benefits that Only An Interview Simulator & Trainer Can Ensure

Unconsciously Incompetent

Incompetent On the Spot

Super Anxious Self Defeaters

Realistic, Customisable Interviews (Technical + HR). The quality and range that most of the mock-interviewers and interview trainers find impossible to match.

World’s only professional interview simulator with over 30 specialisations. Technical and HR questions from world’s largest question repositories.

Ability to attend any  number of interviews without any time restrictions.

FIVE options for Interview Evaluations: Auto Report, Self Review, Peer Review, Mentor Feedback and Espoir Expert Evaluation.

You need 21 days to build a new habit: Few minutes of mock-interviews can neither identify  your shortcomings nor help ingrain best practices. It needs continuous practice on a simulator.

You need to sustain ‘presence of mind’ under stress:

On the spot ‘inductive reasoning’ and ‘creative problem

solving’ win interviews. Only a simulator can build this.

You must learn to grasp the questions as it is being asked: Quick deciphering of questions for their hidden meanings leads to smart answers. Simulator is the only way to achieve this.

Why Interview Simulator is the Only Solution?

Most extensive Interactive Interview Practice Sessions & Competency Tests.

You must formulate answers in 5 seconds: And, start

speaking in the 6th second. Only a simulator ensures this.

You must learn to use correct words, terminologies on the spot throughout interview: Words used on the spot describes your depth of knowledge. To analyse your responses & to find remedies, you need a simulator.

You must remain likeable in tense situations. How is your facial expressions and gestures while handling complex mix of technical and HR questions? Optimise them with the simulator.

Practice won’t make you perfect. Only perfect practice can make you perfect. Interview Simulator is the insurance for safeguarding your hard-earned degrees, certifications, reputation & career.

Behaviour predicts behaviour. Interviewers believe they can predict deep routed behaviour by asking questions on the face, on the spot. The only way to win this game is to ingrain best practices using a simulator.