All topics of Java technologies including the following:

Internet and Java: Background and history. Applications and Applets. Java virtual machine. Basics of OOP.

Holding Data: Primitive data types. Declarations. Constants. Objects and Wrapper Classes. Variables. Comment Syntax. Controlling the Flow: Expressions. Using Operations. Using Control Statements.

Object Oriented Programming Concepts: Abstraction. Encapsulation. Polymorphism and Overloading. Fundamentals of Classes. Using 'this' keyword. Constructors.

Inheritance & Packaging: The object class. Abstract & Final Classes. Packages. Interfaces.

Handling Error/Exceptions: Basic Expressions. Proper use of Exceptions. Catching exception. Throwing and Rethrowing. Cleaning up using Finally clause.

Handling Strings: Creation, Concatenation and conversion of  a string. String Comparison, Searching Strings, Modifying strings, String Buffer.

Threads: Create/instantiate/start new threads. Understand thread execution. Thread priorities. Synchronisation. Inter-thread communication, Deadlock.

I/O and Streams: package. Files and directories. Streams. Reading/Writing Console Input/Output. Serialization Interface.

Understanding core packages: Using java.lang package. Wrapper classes and associated methods. Using java.util package.

Holding Collection data: Arrays and collection classes/interfaces. Map/List/Set implementations. Collection classes. Accessing Collections. Use of an iteractor. Comparator.

Java Applications: AWT and Swing. Frame, Windows, Graphics,

Color, Fonts. AWT Controls. Layout managers. JFame and JPanel Containers. User Interface Events. Adapter Classes.

Java Applets: Applet life-cycle methods. Applet viewer. Adding Controls.

Networking: Client/Server Applications. URLs. TCP. Connectionless Cleint/Server Interaction.