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Welcome to InterviewMax Knowledge Pages

Greetings from the Espoir InterviewMax team.

Our team is glad to share few of these ideas here for your benefit. Please click the links below.

Enjoy. Knowledge is fun. Seeing your knowledge benefiting others is much much funnier!

During the course of our research we came across a lot of knowledge nuggets that is going to pave path to the innovation of new ideas and more advanced and innovative products.

Sarah Fernandez,  Senior Editor

Matthew Johnston

Snehal Joshi

Sandy Ray

Lucy Cheng

Angela Walsh

Simi Arthur

Learn to look at your interviewer as a prospective customer.

You are a Product & Interviewer is a Suspicious Customer!

By responding positively and confidently you can bag the job.

How Stressful can be a stress interview?

If it is passion and deep interest in the job, you get the job.

Tell Me What Motivates You to Excel?

It is all about products, marketing, sales & conditions.

What is Employability?

They want to assess how creatively you approach a problem.

The Brain Teaser Interview.
Highlighting Your Ambition & Knowledge

Who wants to hire an un-ambitious rot-learner, interested only in salary?

Erica Sebastian

How Do You Set & Achieve goals?

How do you create plans and execute those plans reveals your personality.

Angela Walsh

Arthur Wood

Susan Mathews

Charlotte Walt

Harry Morris

A right response at this stage can only open the next door.

How Will You Prove that You Can Do the Job?

Be careful, interviewers are trying to measure you.

Your Concept of a Good Leader.

Interviewers want to estimate how long you would stay in the company.

What is Your Ideal Work Environment?

Still people use them. Who is gaining? At whose cost?

Mock Interviews are Just a Mockery!

You must shade your answer to match the company’s / position’s requirements.

How do you make decisions?
STAR Method of interviewing.

Irina Saxon

Like a story, an excellent way to keep your interviewers interested in you.

Kate Welsh

How to Explain Your Goals & Interests?

How to convince them that your goals & interests are same as theirs.

It took over six years for us – 52 industry professionals – to conceive, research and execute these innovative knowledge products: Interview Simulators and Theme-based English products. From thousands of feedbacks we received from all over the world, we are happy that our efforts have positive impacts on millions of lives.

Best of Luck.








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Sarah Fernandez

Senior Editor at Espoir InnoLearn

Richard Harris

Kate Welsh

Alice Rawe

Simon Erickson

Erica Sebastian

Merit is taken for granted. Likeability is the major factor in today’s recruitment.

Who are you? Do we like you?

There are few interview techniques, which are classic & can be applied anywhere!.

How to Find Success in Any Interview?

Not that difficult. Do the necessary research & follow these easy steps!

How to Create a Resume that Works?

If you realize the competition, you learn to value each and every interview call.

You Must be Lucky to Get an Interview Call.

And how such programs mislead and ruin career prospects of million.

Why Ordinary Interview Trainings Fail?
Why Should You Continually Focus on Your strengths?

Mary Emmanuel

You are hired for your strengths. Then, what else should one focus?

Snehal Joshi

Espoir InterviewMax Interview Track Sheet.

A systematic approach to interviews enhances the probability of bagging that job.

Maria Youngs

Kate Higgs

Susan Mathews

Walton Cray

Arthur Wood

Because competitive environments demand un-learners & re-learners.

Employers Love Lifelong Learners.

It is easy to win over a cross-functional team. All you need is practice.

Changing Times: Be Ready For a Team Interview!

You being the seller, onus is on you to convince the buyer about your value.

How do you present your skills & experience?

You must know how to blow your own trumpet – diplomatically.

How To Describe your Achievements?

Who wants to hear those needless repetition of ideas in different words?

Interviewers Hate Tautological Answers.
Tell me! Do you manage your time well?

Anna Sharick

Time management means productivity for the employer.

Mark Zagorin

Your Way of Dealing With  Failure.

Companies look for calculated risk takers who knows how to handle failure well!

Snehal Joshi

Susan Mathews

Randy Lau

Lucy Cheng

Susan Mathews

Which company can afford to carry along a misfit in the team?

How to Demonstrate that you get along well with others?

Everybody will say ‘Yes”. But How you say that ‘yes’ makes all the difference.

Do You work Well Under Pressure?

Why is it advantages to delay discussion of salary as long as possible?

You Must Know When to Discuss the Salary.

Companies realise that the reason for most terminations is poor fit.

Will You Fit in at the Company?

If you understand what motivates and drives them, your success is easy.

Understand Your Interviewer.
Special tips for recent college graduates.

Angela Walsh

Demonstrate positivity. They know what you know. Therefore, be honest.

Kate Welsh

Long Term Goals: Yours & Your Interviewers’.

Are your long term goals aligned with your company’s strategic objectives?

Albert Grey

Steve Speller

Randy Lau

Lucy Cheng

Arthur Wood

Alice Rawe

Yes. Everyone live by selling something. Goods or ideas!

Sell Me This Pen!

Will  you be part of a problem or part of a solution?

Will You Fit In At Our Company?. Tell Me Why?

How would you react in conflict or problematic situations?

How to handle Situational Interviews?

Why don’t you learn how to make your interviewers at ease and comfortable?

It is Important to Learn How To ‘Be’ In An Interview?

They want to know that change is the only thing that is permanent.

Change is Permanent. How Do You Handle Change?
Interview Preparation can’t be a crash course.

Crash courses make few trainers richer, not candidates any abler!

Anna Sharick

Describe Yourself with Just Three Words.

Your answer can trigger many powerful questions.

Amy Stein

Maria Youngs

Stephanie Martens

Randy Lau

Albert Grey

Does past performance predict future success? Many think  Yes’.

Behavioural Interviews.

Delegating saves time, & ensures a new generation is trained on the job.

What is Your Way of Delegating?

Strategies to improve your value and become the most eligible candidate.

How to make the interviewer feel that you are a great catch?

There are no correct answers, only correct approaches.

Handling Case Interviews Successfully.

Think of ways to present your key qualities throughout the interview!

How to show you are an organized person?
Even Interviewers Love to Hear Stories.

Irina Saxon

Make sure it includes specific details and makes sense.

Anna Sharick

How Competitive Intelligence can Make You a Winner?

Do Research. Because most other candidates are uninformed or misinformed.

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The skills required to perform a job are not the same skills necessary to perform well in the interview for that job.

The candidates who get selected are the ones who sell themselves better than anyone else, those who are liked better than the others, and prove to be less risk than the others.

Interviewers ask all unexpected, tricky technical questions but select those who speak better English!

Three Hard Facts About Job Interviews






Communicate Your Ideas.

Inspire Action! Build A Career!