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Espoir was founded in 2005 by a team of industry professionals working with leading global companies specializing in Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and Educational Psychology.

Our Values, Our Beliefs

We are passionate about what we do. We are happy with our creations because our users are satisfied with what they could achieve in real life situations as a result of trusting our products and programs. Your input is the trigger for our innovations.

We realize the criticality of skill-gaps, and its grave consequences. We invested our years to invent lasting solutions that can turn ordinary into extra ordinary. We innovate new methodologies and technologies so that the result makes meaning to millions of lives.

We don’t advertise. We believe, if you are really in need, you would search and find us. We also believe, ultimately, you are responsible for your future. We can sincerely help. Why not meet us on ‘Let’s Meet’ page?

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India-Specific Innovations for Indian Students.

Including World’s First & Only Professional Interview Simulator & Trainer


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Espoir Technologies






People Invest in Companies …

Welcome to Hope. Welcome to Espoir.

Espoir… French for Hope. We at Espoir Technologies believe that everything done in the world is done by hope. Hence the obvious choice of the company name. We develop products that generate hope, and inspire action.

In our official capacities as CEOs, COOs, Directors, Project Managers, HR and Finance executives of various companies, we have conducted over 50,000 job interviews.  Besides this, we must have supervised, managed and taken major career decisions of more than 100,000 employees.

We witnessed people of high academics calibre and talents miserably fail - to find a job, to retain a job, or to perform a job with dignity and to derive satisfaction and success. Their failures not only affect their companies but also their families. They take home less money. Seeing this, the youth is losing hope.  The hopelessness is dragging them to alcoholism, drugs and even to suicides.

Joseph Addison said, “Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” Through our products and programs, we at Espoir Technologies strives to help you by identifying the right things to love, right things to do and the right things to hope for.

As successful professionals in our chosen fields, we decided to do our part. Mother Teresa’s advice looked apt, "Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person."

We put our collective industry experience to find lasting solutions. We conducted surveys, did extensive research, developed new technologies and methodologies to ensure we develop “things start out as hopes and end up as habits” - the habits that breed and sustain success!

From our studies, we realize most of our highly qualified professionals suffer from “unconscious incompetence” - they don’t know that they don’t know. Therefore the first step is to make them realize about their short-comings in a tactful way, and bring them to the state of “conscious incompetence”. That could generate a spark within and put fire in their belly. The journey to success begins there!  

“Most highly qualified candidates suffer from ‘Unconscious Incompetence’. They fail due to their inability to identify, absorb & demonstrate their own domain knowledge in English… They self-defeat.”  

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Conceived based on a research project about the state of Engineering Education across India. Developed with pride at Pune, India. All Rights Reserved. InterviewMax logo, Espoir logo, ‘Knowledge Max + English Max’, ‘edutainment; result oriented’, ‘Content-based Instruction’, ‘Theme-based Learning’ etc  are registered trademarks of Espoir Technologies Private Limited worldwide.

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It took our 52 member team over six years to come up with these game-changing concepts, and products. We are happy that our efforts transform millions of lives.

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Even though Interview/Viva Lab has been developed to meet the needs of Indian Engineering Education system, it is used in over thirty countries in the world.