1. Consumer Behaviour: Consumer Modelling, Influence of  Social class, Group Dynamics, Consumer Satisfaction and Relationship Marketing.etc.

2. Industrial & Services Marketing:Service economy, customer expectations and perceptions of services, Service Life Cycles, Marketing Strategies.etc.

3. New product development: Generation of Ideas for breakthroughs, Finding out what users want.Innovations.etc.

5. Advertising and Sales Promotion: Promotion mix, advertising management, Advertising media management, creativity, Sales promotion.

4. Marketing Research: Research design, Sample Design, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Applications, etc.

6. Logistics and Sales Management: Customer Value Chain,Service Phases and attributes, Warehousing and Materials Handling, Transportation systems, Current trends, etc.

7. International Marketing: International Product and Pricing Strategies, Managing International Distribution and Promotion, Emerging Trends in International Marketing. etc.

8. Business Environment & Ethics: Managing Ethics, Globalisation of the economy, Fiscal policy, Legal environment of business, etc.