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Our Logo

Thomas Filwinch addresses sunflower as a ‘favourite emblem of constancy.’

What Does Espoir Brand Represent?

Espoir means hope. Hopes are always colourful. The most colourful sight in nature is the rainbow. On a rainy day, rainbow is the embodiment of hope - an assurance that good things can happen at any time.

Espoir emblem sparks the emotions of anticipation and joy. It creates strong feeling of optimism.

It represents the courage and hope to fight and succeed in adverse environments, by keeping nature on one's side.

We draw inspiration from sunflower, and hence it is the undisputed choice for Espoir logo.

The sunflower with its face to the sun never sees a shadow. The honest, upright, broad-faced sunflower is the brightest expression on earth reflecting the main source of all energies – the sun.

Every Espoir product is designed to be the brightest reflection of the supreme power available to mankind - knowledge! And, of course the skills to exploit that knowledge.