Road Safety Records Say,

100% of ill-fated drivers knew the location of the brake,

the function of the brake, importance of the brake,

when to apply the brake, and how to apply the brake…

But they could not apply the brake.

99.6% of candidates  appearing for job interviews face very similar situation.

Must Have’s for Interview Training

Espoir Smart Interview Simulator Series Programs/Products

Ordinary Programs


Must be an eye-opener for the candidates about their current level of  interview skills.

AI based Interview Simulator captures candidates’ responses to a realistic interview. Cat is out of the bag! It’s an eye opener!



Must be customisable to candidate’s current level of skills, and future ambitions.

Candidate customizes the program to his/her age, area of specialization, years of experience, target industry etc.etc.



Must cultivate result orientation in verbal and body language.

Realistic practice sessions - Every time a new practice session! Trough Fact sheets, pre-interview research etc.



Must build reflex and prepare candidate to handle rapid, random questions.

Through Spoken English Simulator. Over 300 spoken English sessions of 10 questions each. Also CBI English lessons.



Must help fine-tune body-language and provide feedback on interview etiquette.

Mirror-like body-language recording feature. And realistic interview practice sessions and simulation. Any number of times!

3 - 4 Min Mocking!


Must build ability to handle complex, twisted HR questions.

Through interactive sessions. HR questions, hidden meanings, sample answers, key words & phrases to use while answering!



Must help fine-tune the domain knowledge from the job interviewing Angle.

Over twenty specializations from Technology, Management , Engineering, Science etc.



Must build ability to handle the abrupt mix of customized technical and HR Questions.

Interview Simulator blends technical & HR questions as in a Real Interview. Capture, Review. Every Time a new Interview!


How Interview Simulators Help Candidates Excel in Interviews?

‘Reading’, ‘Mocking’ or ‘Acting’ cannot build the Quickness, Smartness and the Reflexes necessary to handle the Unexpected, Tricky HR/Technical blended questions.

Skills are useless if they are not available instantly when in need. That means, skills must become part of one’s nature. Only regular practice can help you internalise these key skills.

For thorough practice, it is imperative to reproduce the real interview atmosphere: Strange interviewers, Tricky questions - a blend of technical & soft-skills, Every time a new interview. the feeling of you are always under watch etc.

Only a simulator can ensure these!

A Little Theory