Their first impulse in the interview room is to tighten their bodies, and shut down their minds.

He/She becomes the opposite of receptive and playful. He/She stops collaborating, and stop making interpersonal connections.

Anxiety clouds everything – including ‘presence of mind’. It is the basic requirement for “inductive

reasoning” and “creative problem solving” the two ingredients for answering Technical & HR questions.

They go blank. When they forget themselves, they create salutations for others to remember.

Their Characteristics

According to psychologists, the only way to get rid of anxiety is to perform the anxiety provoking tasks infinite number of times in similar environments.

In this case, the candidate MUST attempt maximum number of realistic professional (the blend of Technical and HR) interviews.

Help the candidate gain confidence by observing their interviews, & get impartial fact-based feedbacks. Help the candidate  implement the feedbacks in his/her subsequent interviews.

Through this iteration process with the most realistic interviews, the candidate gains the confidence to succeed in any interview/viva examinations.

How to Save them from Under-employment and Un-employment?

What Does Interview Simulator & Trainer Do?

Interview Simulator provides infinite opportunities to attend realistic (Technical + HR) Interviews.

Candidates are able to attend the interviews, get Auto Report, self reviews, peer reviews, mentor reviews and Espoir Export Evaluation.

Part 2 of the software - ‘The Trainer’ offers infinite number of practice sessions, where the candidate undergo interviews with support - best responses, guide’s advices, companion book etc.

These candidates are “Super Anxious Self Defeaters”. They lose their fight even before the fight begins.

Help the candidate gradually shift the focus from ‘the fear to the interview’ to ‘the of listening to the questions and providing on-the-spot answers’.

The Category 3 Candidates: Super Anxious Self Defeaters

Seeing is believing. The candidates see their

improvements with their own eyes - videos are worth one million words.

Interview Anxiety

Interview Practice Iterations

Graph shows how fear of interviews decreases with increase in Interview Practice Iterations.