“I need not wait for Interview calls to get the interview experience. With my Simulator, I can attempt any number of Realistic and Professional New Interviews - Every Day!”

The FIRST Reason to Own ONE:

Warning from

“The only way to build interview success skills is attending more and more interviews.

The more interviews you attend, the greater the expert you become. When Interview calls are so rare, are you so lucky to get interview calls after interview calls to undergo interview training?

Career Experts:


This program won’t allow you to leave without acquiring superior English skills!

There are thousands of occasions, you get immersed in an activity, where you are the active participant, your all senses are involved. You can’t escape acquiring superior English skills!

When English is the Smartness

You will passionately get involved with thousands of questions, answers, guide’s advices! There are hundreds of occasions where you answer on simulation and practice sessions. You replay them for reviewing, and for evaluating…!


Espoir Smart Interview Companion helps you package you as a smart product. You will have a new & clear understanding about yourself.

The creators of this program (they collectively have over 100,000 interview experience) guarantee that no question can come from outside this program.

You build key success abilities through  these crucial and logical information. No wonder you win through rapid, twisted questions!

Oozing with Confidence


Smart candidates know how long he/she can answer for each question. When to start, how long to talk and when to stop.

Interview Simulator is Smart – it knows what is the natural industry standard of answering to each of these questions.

During interview simulation, it punishes you if you exceed that time. During practice sessions, it helps you to plan, and deliver your answer within that time limit.

Precision Responses


Will you trust a driving school without a car? Most Interview Programs are like that!

Bombarding with Smart Answers

No amount of theory will impart the crucial experience of driving a car and negotiating dangerous terrains.

On an interview simulator, you get to take control, work through the questions without making blunders and drive to the logical conclusion.

Isolated videos, bookish Q&As, mock-interviews can’t impart the key skills.


Only smart people are called for interviews. Simulator is designed to customise your answers and outsmart the smarts.

In Questions & Insights section of the Practice Sessions, there are Over 700 questions, their hidden meanings, tips on what can excite an interviewer?

Also there are 43 short case-studies on Interview Blunders! And there are More Features. Read on…

Smarter than the Smarts


Even before you start talking, your body has talked a lot. Interviewers believe your body language!

Simulator captures all nuances: Facial expressions and body-language – while listening the question, while formulating a response, while delivering the answer, soon after you delivered the answer.

When you play, replay and review your own body-language, you fine-tune you! More ahead…

Demonstrating Confidence


The true expertise lies in handling abrupt, random mix of technical & HR questions with presence of mind.

Over 4500 questions, at random, (based on your personal profile) from your domain area  and from other soft-skill areas that tests your Adaptability, Competence, Confidence,  Creativity, Dedication, Dependability,  Easy-going nature, Enthusiasm, Leadership ability, Motivation, Problem-solving ability, etc. Read on!

Handling Random Questions


People with ‘Presence of Mind’ are better at Inductive Reasoning and Creative Problem Solving.

In order to build the presence of mind, anxiety generating interview situations are created, time again and again, using the right mix of Technical & HR interview questions.

Practice won’t make us perfect. Only perfect practice like this can make you perfect. More…

Presence of Mind

Reason 1

Artificial Intelligence engine creates new interviews: Interviewers on screen. Camera is ON!

Based on your Personal Profile, it creates optimum mix of Technical & HR questions as in a real interview.

Attempt interviews Many Many Many times, and every time you face New New Interviews…

Users say, they experience the same anxieties and tensions of a real interview! Detail ahead…

Sure-Fire Interview Success


How rich people become richer? Simple reason: Becoming rich becomes a habit for them.

Successful families cultivate key skills like Critical thinking, Ability to ask timely intelligent questions, etc at home so that they become a habit.

Interview Simulator is a family asset because it inculcates the practical wisdom of the business, industry & society outside. How to become valuable? How to become indispensable? How to learn & Earn?

Making Success a Habit