They don’t know what they don’t know. They are not aware of their own shortcomings.

They blame everything/everybody else, except themselves for all their interview failures.

According to them, they are doing very well, because they ‘uttered’ all answers. They believe they are victims of ‘interview conspiracies’.

These candidates are “Unconsciously Incompetent”. Therefore they don’t even think of improvements.

They don’t get/accept any feedback about their performance.

Their Characteristics

There must be a shocking revelation that can convince the candidate about his/her shortcomings. It should reveal the fact that his/her performance is NOT the way he/she thinks it really is.

It must convince the candidate that such responses are NOT the ones expected from a candidate with his/her credentials, and they are NOT tolerated in his/her target employment, or dream job.

The candidate must be assured that he/she can overcome such shortcomings with acceptance of the fact, use of right tools and dedication.

Must convince the candidate that the method available to him/her is superior, and will ensure results.

How to Save them from Under-employment and Un-employment?

What Does Interview Simulator & Trainer Do?

The very first interview session on the Interview

Simulator will be a shocking revelation.

Seeing is believing. Candidates see their

shortcomings with their own eyes - videos worth one

million words. No more convincing is needed.

The candidate get to know the sure-fire features on

simulator & trainer that is generations ahead of the (failed) methods he/she had seen earlier. (Refer to details pages)

He/she must know that even smartphones can ‘utter’ answers. What employers are look for is not ‘answer utterers’ - qualities much much beyond that. (Refer website for details)

The Category 1 Candidates: Unconsciously Incompetent

The Effect of Shocking Revelations

Simulator & Trainer Builds Best Practices a Habit!