New Horizons. New Hopes

Our Vision

To develop out-of-the-box digital products which seduce everyone to acquire higher levels of knowledge, and empower them to realize their hopes. By doing so, Espoir aspires to become a Global leader in the digital edutainment.

Our Mission

We at Espoir shall strive to understand today’s customer desires and anticipate future customer requirements so that we continue to develop Innovative, Unique and Sustainable products.

To be among the best, we shall commit ourselves to excellence in technology and innovation and achievement of shareholders' expectations of Economic Value Added (EVA) in all our operations.

We shall endeavour to be an employer of choice by promoting a culture of teamwork, continuous learning and transparency in all activities, a participative style of management that cuts across the boundaries of levels and functions, employee growth, and compensation that is progressive and linked to the ability to innovate and performance.

We shall inculcate in ourselves and in all that we do, the core values of Simplicity, Harmony, Respect and Innovation & Integrity (SHRI).

Further, in all our efforts, our guiding principles shall be the protection of the environment and service to the society.