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Why Mock Interviews Fail?

What are the key Stressful Experiences in a Job Interview?

Why Mock Interviews Fail to Reduce Them?

How Interview Simulator Builds the Crucial Interview Skills Quickly?


When the candidate enters the interview room, he/she feels the isolation, and the “I am alone, and I am helpless” feeling.

In a mock interview, he/she never gets that feeling of isolation. Imagine all the people (sometimes, including a cameraman!) present during a mock interview.

The candidate can be alone in the room as the program is customized and automated. Candidate experiences the same “I am alone, I am helpless” feeling of real interviews.


The (scary) sight of strange people, who speak a language of another (corporate) culture.

In most mock interviews candidates face interviewers who are familiar to them. (sometimes, the trainer himself is the interviewer!).

Professional interviewers, who are strangers to the candidate directly ask questions to the candidate.


Unexpected mix of Technical and HR questions thrown at random.

In most mock interviewers, Interviewers have knowledge/experience limitations to throw effective mix of Technical and HR questions.

Unexpected and random mix of Technical and HR questions from a huge databank that no mock-interviewer can ask.


Uncertainty about the duration of the Interview, number of questions etc.

In most mock interviews, there is a ‘certainty’. The candidate is aware of the time allotted and the number of his/her friends wait in the line.

Full of uncertainty about the duration and number of questions. The pressure builds up as the interview progresses.


Failure to maintain eye-contact and a likeable facial expression, gestures, postures and stance.

In mock-interviews, the recording is done from one side (not from the front). The candidate never gets a convincing feedback of how the interviewers see and judge him/her.

Computer screen with WebCam is the interviewer. Each and every nuances of the candidate is captured for generating report, evaluation and review.

Interview Training Programs Must Have the Following Features for Success!

Must Have’s for Interview Training

Espoir Smart Interview Simulator Series Programs/Products

Ordinary Programs


Must be an eye-opener for the candidates about their current level of  interview skills.

AI based Interview Simulator captures candidates’ responses to a realistic interview.



Must be customisable to candidate’s current level of skills, and future ambitions.

Advanced customisation ensures targeted learning.



Must cultivate result orientation in verbal and body language.

Realistic practice sessions - Every time a new practice session!



Must build reflex and prepare candidate to handle rapid, random questions.

Through Spoken English Simulator. Over 300 spoken English sessions of 10 questions each.



Must help fine-tune body-language and provide feedback on interview etiquette.

Mirror-like body-language recording feature. Practice sessions and simulation.

3 - 4 Min Mocking!


Must build ability to handle complex, twisted HR questions.

Through interactive sessions. HR questions, hidden meanings, sample answers.



Must help fine-tune the domain knowledge from the job interviewing Angle.

Over twenty specializations from Technology, Management , Engineering, Science etc.



Must build ability to have coherence of speech while expressing opinions and answering.

Interview Simulator blends technical & HR questions as in a Real Interview. Capture, Review.